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Kaeya and Zhongli) An: sorry for sort of dying on you guys, burnt out of Genshin : ( but here you go, have some Kaeya and Zhongli trying to seduce you head canons. And they’re actually head canons this time, yay! ... Kaeya x Reader. Drabble /// You and Kaeya explore Enkanomiya together, but he starts to think of Khaenri'ah. warnings: mentions. With a lantern in hand, you peered into the entryway. You felt your heart breaking as you saw your partner slumped on the floor, his face ridden with guilt. You approached him as carefully as you could, desperate to engulf him in a loving hug. His eyes tracked your movement as you kneeled in front of him, making no protest as you wrapped your .... Feb 21, 2022 · Originally posted by demon-childe. Ten minutes ago. Diluc x male reader Angst no comfort <3. 100 follower event post!<3. Tick, tock . The sound of the hands on the clock taunted him the noise bounced around his skull reeling his anger in as it bubbles in his nerves sweat beads his forehead dripping down to pool at the bottom of his sharp jawline..
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